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learning design

Projects that excite me most aim to create a more loving, equitable, and just world through collaborative processes.


Have a complex challenge that involves learning? Let's talk through it. 

Wondering what's possible? Here are a few recent examples. 

Program Review by Design

Evaluation & Strategic Recommendations

May 2021 - September 2021

How might we strengthen and improve our program outcomes and impact?


LookUp.Live is a national non-profit advocating for education and policy change around youth technology use and its impact on mental health. The signature program is a cohort-based incubator for college-age youth to explore creative solutions to technology addiction. 

My work with LookUp centered around evaluating the program through a human-centered design process. Empathy interviews, surveys, and  participatory focus groups created a data set that informed recommendations for program iteration.  

Futures Studio

Prototype + Test

June 2021

How might we humanize the past to connect with the future?

Futures Studio is a professional learning prototype launched by the K12 Lab to develop materials at the intersection of futures thinking, design thinking, and equity. 

We were asked to iterate upon an activity and test it with other educators. Linked here is the result of that test. This presentation included reflections on navigating the inevitable ambiguity that accompanies creating something new. 

Open Access
Entrepreneurial Education

Instructional Design

January 2021 - May 2021

How might we make entrepreneurship  accessible to the ASU community and  beyond? 


Edson E+I is an institute that serves to create access to entrepreneurship in perpetuity.


I had the opportunity to co-design and deliver two interactive modules using the Articulate Rise learning-management system. Parts of the content were adapted from existing curriculum while others were created to fill identified gaps.


This process centered on collaboration with ASU students,  staff, and community entrepreneurs. The modules served as a model for the development of a larger resource catalog. 

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