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More about how I approach projects and my background. 

Does this feel aligned for you? Have more questions? 
Reach out and let's talk possibilities. 


Connection to self, others, and place is at the center. The best stuff happens when we make time to connect to our common humanity. 


Observation and a commitment to questioning my first assumptions. Some favorite questions: "How can I help?" and "Couldn't we at least...?"


The process is designed to honor input, ideas, and iteration from all stakeholders in any phase. The team collectively pursues a generative outcome.  

*Each of these is a practice that evolves and expands with new experiences. 

I'm here to bring your brilliance into the world. 


more about Carly

I believe in the power of learning. So, I dedicated my career to creating learning experiences that support people in leveling up the way they lead themselves and others. 

My background is in psychology, learning science, and human-centered design. I have experience coaching and facilitating groups of all ages and sizes. I would love to talk about the possibilities for us to collaborate! Reach out and let's create something cool. 

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